Emergency Apple & Blackberry Crumble
by Joanna Gray | May 3, 2020

Emergency Apple and Blackberry Crumble

The humble Apple Crumble has been an age-old favourite.  I would never attempt to change such a classic, but merely put my healthy twist on it, keeping the flavours of the English countryside intact!

I’ve called this ‘Emergency’ Apple and Blackberry Crumble just because I use this a lot for emergencies; when unannounced friends or family pop in and end up staying for dinner.  Having a store of frozen apples and blackberries makes easy work for a rustle-up crumble.  Likewise if you have apples that haven’t made it to the eating front yet, turn them into something that will put them right to the front for eating.

Swapping the plain flour for the ground almond and using gluten-free flour (if you have it) makes this dish healthier and ranks up on the flavour scale.

Enjoy straight from the oven or cold.


prep time 10 mins

Cooking time 20-25 mins

Serves 4



300g apples – Any mix of apples will do (if you have Cooking apples that’s good too)

A handful of blackberries

A squeeze of lemon

½ tsp ground cinnamon


30g cold butter (cut into small cubes)

30g unrefined brown sugar

100g ground almonds

20g gluten-free flour (if not add 20g more of ground almonds, rolled oats or plain flour)



Preheat the oven at 180 (gas mark 4)

Then peel and core all of the apples

Add a squeeze of lemon to stop them from turning brown.

Add the cinnamon

Plus ½ of the sugar

Put them in a pan and cook with the lid on for about 5-8 minutes

Until ½ cooked and still in their cut shape.

Cooking with the lid on will give the added juice that is just delightful against the crisp crumble.

(you could stop here, cool and put into the freezer)



Whilst that’s all cooking, make up the crumble.

Rub the butter together with the ground almonds adding in the flour as needed

Then the remaining sugar goes in


Into individual dishes add the apple mixture

Place a few blackberries on each dish and

Top with the crumble

Place in the oven for about 20 mins or until golden on top


Remember this can all be prepared and assembled ahead of time, or you could keep both elements ready in the fridge/freezer for when you have a crumble emergency!