Faux Elderflower and Rose Gin with Rosemary
by Joanna Gray | May 24, 2020

This is a faux cocktail, but if you’re feeling a bit extra, why not go wild and add a shot of Gin!

I love having friends over and enjoying a delicious drink with them.

I have many visitors so it would get a bit much if I had an alcoholic drink every time!

So, this faux rose gin, really does hit the spot if you’re going alcohol free.

Serves 4


  • Elderflower and Rose cordial (it’s very potent so you only need a drop)
  • Indian Tonic Water – the variety that you love.
  • Gin (if you are feeling wild)
  • Juniper berries 1 tsp
  • Lime wedges
  • Ice


  • Very easy to make
  • Get your best glasses out (to really enjoy the whole experience)
  • Fill the glasses with ice


  • Now in a jug mix together a splash of the Elderflower and Rose cordial (as you would with a gin measure) for each glass
  • Add your tonic water and a generous squeeze of lime
  • Give it a stir


  • Pour onto the ice that you placed in the glasses
  • Gently bruise the juniper berries on the back of a knife and pop those in,
  • You’ll smell the scent of gin!
  • Add in another squeeze of lime and a sprig of fresh rosemary to each glass.


Now that is a drink you can never have too many off!

And as you have a jug handy you can top up whenever you like.