Tamari Pumpkin Seeds
by Joanna Gray | October 19, 2015

A great way to enjoy veggie protein.  A full of flavour snack that can be enjoyed as they are or add zest to a salad. One of my favourites!

I use these when I have people round.  Everyone wants something to nibble on when they have welcome drinks.

Using Tamari also keeps them gluten free – Tamari is just a gluten free light soy sauce.

Beware, they are moorish and can disappear in a flash!  – so be sure to make them ahead – once cooled they store in an air tight container for weeks!  If you can keep your hands off them!


300g Pumpkin Seeds
4 tbls Tamari


Heat the oven at 180 fan or gas mark 6

Heat non-stick oven proof pan
place the pumpkin seeds into the pan and heat through making sure they don’t catch on the bottom or burn.

When they start to pop and puff out add the Tamari
ensure each seed is covered with the Tamari.

Remove from the hob and pop the pan into the oven keeping an eye on them every 5-6 mins giving them a shake or a stir – separate any that have stuck together and pop them in again.

All the liquid will have evaporated and the pumpkin seeds will have puffed out with a golden colour of Tamari.

Have a taste – they taste good when warm but have that lovely crunch when they cool.

Leave to cool in a cold baking tray. When completely cool they can be transferred onto an airtight container for when you need them.

Get creating – add them to absolutely anything!