Tea for Two
by Joanna Gray | October 30, 2015

Green Tea – A Great Antioxidant

Antioxidants counteract the damaging effects that happen naturally in the body.  So to help us ward off infections more efficiently, taking on foods and drinks that are rich in antioxidants makes sense.

Green Tea has been used in traditional Chineese medicine for many years.  Treating anything from a common head ache to something as complex as depression.

We have this drink on the menu at most coffee shops now. 

What are the benefits?

Well its loaded with those lovely guys, Antioxidants!  This improves fat loss, brain function and can lower the risk of cancer!  So there’s enough reasons to have a cup.

Some people complain that it can have a bitter taste, so here’s how to make the perfect cup (with no bitterness)!

Boil the kettle

Either use a pot or a cup

Put the loose tea on your pot or use a good quality green tea tea bag – I use Organic loose for the pot and a bag for my cup.

once the kettle has boiled, wait for a good 40 seconds then pour the water.

Wait for the leaves to do their infusion job and give it a stir to help it along.

Then pour and enjoy.

There are many green tea combinations on the market right now, so have a look and see what flavour works best for you.

I like mine just green and I add a slice of lemon to add even more freshness and change up the flavour!