Trick or Treat! Pumpkin Cakes
by Joanna Gray | October 30, 2015

These Pumpkin cakes are great for this time of year.  Kids love them and so do the adults!

So making sure that your don’t over indulge try these gluten free pumpkin cakes.


I like my metric scales but I adore using the cup measurement.  It is so easy and it feels like I’m on tv where its all been measured out for me.

Pre heat the oven 180 fan 200 conventional or gas mark 6

– 3/4 cup of light olive oil
– 3/4 Cup of soft brown sugar
– 2 large free range eggs
– 1/2 cup roughly broken walnuts
– 1 cup gluten free flour
– 1 cup of grated pumpkin
– 1/2 cup juicy sultanas/raisins
– 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
– 1/2 tsp mixed spice
– 1/2 tsp baking powder
– 3/4 tsp vanilla paste/vanilla extract
– 1/4 tsp sea salt

– 1 cup mascarpone soft cheese
– 1/4 cup icing sugar
– sprinkles to decorate or just have it plain.

What to do

– In a large bowl mix together the sugar and the oil
– Add the eggs
– then the pumpkin and the vanilla
– toss the walnuts and sultanas in flour to coat them (this prevents them from just sitting at the bottom)
– Add the coated sultans and walnuts to the mixture
– Sieve all of the dry ingredients into the bowl and fold into the wet mixture.
– Divide the mixture into 12 cup cake cases and I also got 12 mini cakes out of this measurement of mixture.
– bake the bigger ones for 15 mins and the mini ones for about 8-10 mins keep your eye on them as they are ready in a flash.
– Leave them to cool.  Really important – so make them ahead if need be.
– Once cooled – decorate.

Try one and then lay them out ready for the trick or treaters.